When applying a sketchy edge style, my white background turns noticeably gray

I have a dashed line style built in style builder. When I use it in SketchUp the background, which is set to white, turns a dingy gray. If I import it into Layout, and set the rendering to vector, I lose the dashes, but the background is perfectly white. If I set it to raster, I get the dashes back, but the background turns gray. Is there some way to have both dashes and a white background? (I only want dashes in one scene, so don’t want to use dashed tags.)

Maybe you could share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with. Probably not a bug, just a style setting.

Of course you’ll lose the dashes with a style built in Style Builder. The lines in the Style Builder style are a raster thing and raster linework isn’t going to be displayed when rendering is set to Vector or Hybrid which is also displaying vector lines. So this isn’t a bug.

Most likely yes but in order to help you sort it, I need to see what you currently have.

What version of SketchUp and LayOut are you using? (Complete your profile) If you are up to date you can set dashes per tag per viewport in LayOut and have them rendered as vector.

Your probably right about the display setting, but I can’t find it. I’ll upload the model so you can look at it. I can’t use tag style dashes with these lines, because they show up in other views that do include tag style dashes, but where they need to be solid. Sorry, the file is too big to upload. I’ll make a smaller version and upload it as soon as I can.

Upload the file to DropBox or Google Drive and share the link.

I think you are missing something about tag usage with LayOut. Here’s an example from a file I had open already. Both viewports use the same scene. There’s only one style in the SketchUp model and no dashes. The blue dashed lines and the brown outlines on the bar and tail block are set for the viewport on the right using the Dashes settings for the tags in the SketchUp Model panel.

Here is the link to the file. I really appreciate your help.
So, in terms of the images above:
Suppose I have the need for 4 images essentially like the second one shown. The line and dash styles need to be on. However, in one of the images the round bend u-bolt also needs to be shown in purple dashes. Everything else needs to stay the same.
I can think of two possibilities: I could make a separate copy of the u-bolt on a different tag and turn the regular one off, and the other one on, or, I could lay over a scene with just the u-bolt and styles settings that give me the purple dash. I am working on the latter scenario. That is where I am getting the dingy background. I guess, theoretically, either of these techniques should work. I am trying to figure out why the second one doesn’t.
once again, thanks for your help with this.

How about a third option? In the SketchUp Model panel change the Dashes style for the U-bolt tag from Default to a dash style and set the color to purple (I forgot to make it dashed but you should get the idea.)

Again, because this is done in LayOut and not in SketchUp it’s a per viewport thing so the viewport on the left still shows the normal black lines.

You could make a copy of the component and give it a different tag in SketchUp but there’s not much point in that.

I’ll look at your file. Back shortly.

Which scenes show the dingy background?

p topo ex and Scene 36 has a gray background because there’s a section plane displayed. Turning that off and updating the style would fix that.

You’ve fixed it! And, I like your option 3 the best. Thanks so much!

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Good deal.

BTW, it would be a good idea to make sure tags are correctly used with all edges and faces being untagged.
Screenshot - 5_16_2022 , 4_32_22 PM

Also purge unused stuff from your model once in awhile.
Screenshot - 5_16_2022 , 4_32_40 PM

Much appreciated.

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