Feature Request - Change Color of Lines in Tags


I’d like to change the color of the dashed lines in Tags.
Some lines need to be white and not black.
For now I only have dashed black dark lines as shown below

You can paint the lines and use ‘Color Edges…> all the same (select) by Material

They will show in the color you painted them, (unless temporarily you select 'Color by Tag).

You can do that in LayOut.

Im using color by tag for my scenes to show existing and new elements. So that would not work.

well, I guess I’ll just overlay it with another scene and use your method to color the lines.

Where are you doing this overlaying scenes?

well, I hope we’re all credited in your next Udemy course “how to work with SU + LO as an alternative to archicad and revit” :wink:

but yeah, layout viewport stacking.

One with a “face but no lines” style, the other on top with a “no faces but lines, set to white” style



No need to stack viewports just to color some dashed lines in LayOut. Just apply the color to them in LayOut.

wait what ?

(opening layout, importing a file, looking at it…)
Capture d’écran 2023-10-26 à 14.03.29
no way ! you can change the lines of a single tag !

Today I learned something, thanks Dave ! :slight_smile:


As others have mentioned, you can do it in Layout. Select the viewport, go to “SketchUp Model” tray, Tags dropdown, select the tag, and update the color.

Nab had a French Mac screenshot, but here’s an English Windows one.

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On Layout for sketchup of course.
I’ve stacked the new elements on top of the demolition and the finally existing as shown below.


Amazing… this is truly a hidden workflow. Thanks a lot Dave

haha definitely…