Wheel-chair aid

hello SU helpers. This wheel chair aid need some sides decending 100-150 mm. But I need some help.
thanks in advance for your help.
drempel helling1.skp (30.5 KB)

What help do you need? Also, what are you hoping to construct this out of?

Sorry to pepper you with questions, but where is this going to be installed? I’m not sure why you need the multi-faceted side slope.

I assume you are seeking help with the side slope since the rest seems to be complete. Because it has different heights at the two ends, the corners are not coplanar. That means it will be impossible to cover that slope with a single face. No matter how you subdivide it, it will have to be triangulated as in the two portions you have drawn so far,

As another matter, I think you will have trouble with the knife-edge taper both on the side and on the main slope if this is for real construction. If the top is made of a strong metal you might be able to taper down to perhaps 6-10mm, but going down to a true 0 is going to be extremely fragile and perhaps hazardous. I’d recomment changing that to go to a non-zero thickness. A small bump won’t impede wheelchair access.

Hay old man 1979 (?)
The side need a part sloping to the floor. To prevent hook up when contact with a foot, stumble, or wheel.
Success Regards Albert 1946 very old!

Ya,ya nasty Q. I dit not use the word c****t but now I think it’s impossible to draw?

drempel helling1 (1).skp (22.2 KB)
I copied your model and made a simple shape to replace the geometry you were attempting. The shape you were going for is physically impossible, as you mentioned. You’ll have to settle for a single-plane wedge to get the job done. Best to make that out of solid wood for durability. Also, don’t feather down the plywood on the end of the ramp; use a length of sheet aluminum to transition down to the floor. It’ll be much more durable, and you won’t go insane using a belt sander.

drempel helling1 (1).skp (30.5 KB)
Sorry, here’s the 2017 version.

Busy making of scrap wood. A lot cheaper than plastic build one. 4-8 cm €139,-
I want to draw that wooden plate before making and also to determine the measurements and angles.

Open the file I just posted. It’s exactly like that.

With a planer it’s easy.

this is my acceptable result. YThanks you all foor assistance.
regards albert
drempel helling1.skp (33.8 KB)

Dave R
There is no room for 1:12 in this apartment building
Regards Albert