Wheelchair Ramp

okay, who can tell me how to make anythingh but rectangles. I am trying to make a 5x5 landing with ramps to each side 6’

Couldn’t you draw the landing and then make triangles to form the ramps?

Something like this?

I started with a 5’x5’ square, then drew a line over (red axis) 6’, then up (blue axis) 2’, then a line to close. Then I used Push/Pull to pull the triangle out 5’.

After, I realized that the slope was a little steep, so I used Move to move the line down (blue axis) 12"


You are the bomb. Exactly what I needed but in reverse. Doesn’t matter which direction, you have shown me the way. You have never been appreciated as much as I appreciate you this morning!

Thank You,

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