What's your favorite way to create doors and windows?

Thank you for your input, another user linked a video showing FlexTools and it looks like this is what I’m looking for!

One thing to be aware of with FlexTools: The cutting action sees all surfaces in the same space even if hidden or in a different context. Took me a while to figure out what was happening. That means if you’re in the habit of having different design alternatives on different tags/layers and turning their visibility on and off to show alternate designs, the windows in Scheme A will not only cut the walls in Scheme A, but also Scheme B, etc. You’ll have to adopt a different approach to design alternatives.

I do the same as you multiple concepts in the same model,…and have to remember to tag the Flextools doors and windows to the same tag scheme A …scheme B …etc…
Flextools are both a fantastic time saver and a tremendous boost to the visual quality of the model

They plugin I like to use for doors and windows is either the free or paid version of 1001 bit tools you can do a lot with this plugin.