Best way to add doors and windows


ho everyone

I am looking for the best way to add doors n windows i’ve read using groups and components is a good way but I don’t kn0w where to start anyone know a good tutorial out there?

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There are a few ways to do this. Depending on your requirements, and the way you’ve modeled the walls (thus which kinds of walls they are), differing approaches will apply.

Take a look at the videos on the WinDoor+ and Window+ extension pages. By the way, all the functionality of Window+ is contained in WinDoor+ as well, so do not be misled by the name. There is a free version you can try as well.

Note, that this is but one/two of many extensions that will create doors/windows for you, there are also some that are not extensions but rather Dynamic Components, if you have SUPro you can create your own DC’s, SUMake is limited to using & interacting with them.


Thanks heaps Julien

I just worked out how to draw windows aand make them there own group, wondering how to change colour of aluminum .

with the windoor+ I xan afford it as I am on ly a student i cant seem to find the free version



I went through the 61 videos from SketchUp: a 3D Toolbox by Harwood Podcast. This guy more than any other helped me to understand the basics of Sketchup up to and including most, if not all, of the necessary tools that you will need to use Sketchup like a pro.

The videos are a little old, but still useful for 2017.


cheers Skyyx I have watched a few videos of his they help but wasn’t sure i was learn8ng what I needed guess I should go back through his archive

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I suggest you try the free version first, Windoor (not to be confused with WinDoor+ by the same author) does both doors and windows.

Do a search on the Extension Warehouse for “door” and “window” and you’ll find quit a few more options.

You can also head over to sketchUcation for some tutorials and advice, they also have a pluginstore you search for plugins you may find useful.


heya Julien
I decided to make my own windows n doors for now but will deff look into them when I want to do better models


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