Windows and doors made difficult

Looking for comments on workflow for windows and doors, for architectural construction documents and renderings. I am lost as why I can’t find an easy solution.
I have used Sketchup for many years. I still don’t have the perfect workflow. I am hoping for a door and window extensions that is CD friendly, easy to use, and with editable components. Here is my best of class to date w/ issues listed. What’s your workflow?

  1. Instant Architecture - plethora of window and door type w/ lots of detail. However, it is a complicated workflow and creates a two sided entity (front and back). Most importantly, IA does not work with “Section Planes”. So, great for elevations and renderings but not so much CDs.
  2. - Works with “Section Plane”. It is quick to create but, it is a “Dynamic Component” and scuffling through the different menus can be frustrating. It is the best I have seen for CDs.
  3. Mario Cabot - my French friend with Window-Int does a very good job of a simple extension with wall cutting and easy edits of existing doors and windows. All the joints between styles and rails show, but they are hidden in Enscape. But it is short in total performance such as no pockets cut in the walls for pocket doors. Mario’s Sketch-Cusine is excellent for millwork.
  4. Window Builder by D. Bur - A good amount of detail possible but still lacking trim etc. as with Instant Architecture. The “eye dropped” tool that copies all the details of an existing window and allows edits and installation of a new window is outstanding. For some reason, all my windows have to be flipped along the blue axis to punch the wall. No doors.

Here’s another one. Don’t know anything about it…

I believe that window and door extension require the walls to be made by MAJ Wall. I am concerned about the limitations that imposes.

For sure windows and doors need walls but in my new version the wall can create by any extension not only just by “MAJ Wall”. For example, you can make a wall by yourself and use Sketchup tolls (make a narrow box and use “MAJ Door”).

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I will review again. Thanks.

Medeek BIM Suite for the win, IMO. You won’t believe what you can get done with it. I’ve got a ton of examples of it’s abilities, as do many others here. @medeek 's profile can send you to everything you need.

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Hi, I create a collection of Dynamic Doors and Windows for CD, it’s free, control visbility by tags.

Manual and Download Link (Dropbox and 3D Warehouse): Dropbox Paper

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