What's up with the 50mb model size limit?

We would love to use the 3D warehouse as a repository for our project models, so PMs, Superintendents and even clients could load the models on their iPads… problem is… 50mb file size limit. Every single project we’re working on is between 70-100mb once they’re done. We can start out using the schematic models, but as soon as they get built out with details and materials… BOOM! Huge oversight IMHO from the 3D warehouse folks.

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This could be presented as a feature request. There may be some potential in offering an enhanced level of storage to subscribers where models of 100 mb or more in size could be uploaded to 3DWH for a reasonable cost.

Hello Marc,

This recent development may be of interest.

Trimble Launches Trimble Connect — News Release SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 31, 2014
New Cloud-based Collaboration Platform for Construction and Operation of Buildings

Perhaps … Trimble Connect … is exactly what you need. It costs nothing to give it try.

" Your first project is on us. We’re confident enough that you’ll find Trimble Connect a valuable platform for collaboration that we’re offering you your first project for free. Free accounts are limited to one user, one project and 10GB of storage space. Sign up for a free account. "


Thx - I will check that out.


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Note that 3D Warehouse currently hosts 5 different versions of your model – SU15, SU14, SU13, S8 and KMZ/Collada. So your 50MB model quickly becomes +250MB.

However, hard-drives are cheap so this may change in the future.

so problem is that SU viewer for iPad only connects to 3d warehouse and I cannot pull a model from Trimble connect.

Duly noted, and we already have a ticket for this request filed. Thanks.

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Are Trimble Connect .skp files servable with an HTML embed code the way that 3d Warehouse files are (I don’t see it on the Timble Connect interface)? I have a number of Sketchup files that I was planning to display on my website, but the 50MB limit means that I cannot show most of my files. I would be happy to upload them all to Trimble Connect if it would provide the same HTML embed code.

If this is not available, can you temporarily increase the 3D Warehouse limit to to 200MB (a more reasonable modern limit) until Trimble Connect is capable of serving files to the web the way 3D Warehouse does? Alternatively, can I host .skp files myself and somehow use embed HTML/JS code that 3D Warehouse offers?

The 3D Warehouse web plugin is an outstanding piece of work. It’s a waste to limit its use to 50 MB files.



The 3D Warehouse used to have a 10 MB file size limit not too long ago…

I build massive models, my most recent one was a partial town, but it is double the limit, 104 MB. It sucked that I coudlnt upload it, but at the same time the way sketchup currently is, it would be upwards of +500MB.

Maybey if bigger files would only be hosted on one version? or two?
Hopefully you guys will be able to increase the limit eventually, but it makes alot of sense to have the 50MB limit.

I dont think having a subscriber type system would be the best idea, the people who purchase Pro have spent upwards of $600

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