Model size for 3D Warehouse

OK - so plan is to make all our models available in 3D warehouse to our field guys so they can view full model on iPad. Only issue is that model size limit is 50mb. All of our complete full models are between 60mb-100mb (cleaned up). How can I get a full model up there?

A few methods to decrease your file sizes:
-For rounded edges/circles, decreased segments (rather than 24 for circle, try 10)
-If you’re using custom textures from jpegs, lower jpeg quality, usually not noticeable (I save to web, quality 60-80), most of my textures’s file sizes are below 500kb
-use components when possible for same objects rather than copying groups over.
That’s all I got…

already doing all that - thx for the note

Sounds like a good case. We’re discussing… it was 10 MB at Google, and we upped it, but we’re open to feedback.

Hi Marc,

For some time I’ve sensed there’s unfulfilled demand for a ‘3D Warehouse Pro’
Features might include:
• A larger file size limit, say, 100MB or more.
• Enhanced sharing options:
◦Private — Anyone with the link may view/download
◦Private — Only those on ‘this list’ may view/download.

Given the opportunity to guide development of 3DWH Pro, what would it look like?

Model size reduction of the magnitude you are indicating can be a problem unless the model itself was poorly made.
If it is at all possible posting a representative example would help.
Assuming good modeling, size reduction via geometry reduction does not usually have a large return ( few 10 of MB) with the largest return in the reduction of photo textures. There are approaches one can decimate the total model but then the model esthetics become an issue.
See this Sage link, faster is related to model size some time?
Fixation on 1 warehouse model for field guys may not be solution, do not get stove piped?

BTW often in attempt to understand driver of size, I make copy of model and use plugin to delete all materials see what size is reported. If there is a large reduction you can make the present model materials a collection. You then will the have a file, it will be skm so just unzip, which will report all the size so you can concentrate on reduction of the size drivers.
Just some thoughts:)

The reason for the stove pipe comment is: Why do have to use the 3 d warehouse? In my earlier days as tech manager of 3/4 billion dollar programs this is a perfect case of a little cost benefit analysis. What about a file sharing site that does not have the limit. Not my wheel house on ipad use etc but on surface it seems it would be cost effective to you?

ARG, forgot link

I would suggest to up it to 100mb so we can actually use it for field purposes. The ipad app is currently worthless as we cannot load a model other than through the 3D warehouse to my knowledge.

There’s other apps, some accept models through dropbox, which may for useful to you.

@quantj - I know and we have tested some of the other solutions. I just don’t understand how we can have a 3D warehouse and an iPad app to view models, but not have the capacity to upload full models - makes no sense to me.

It’s based on a good user experience of balancing performance with size. We’re working on solutions in the short term to this. Stay tuned.

Has the 3DWH size limit been increased at all since this was initially posted? I am finding that many recent modeling projects often approach sizes exceeding 50 mb. I usually try to adhere to size sensitive modeling techniques, but even so the size can become relatively large.

I have gravitated toward breaking models into smaller groupings in order to maintain smaller sizes, but this is not always feasible because consultants and other collaborators may often encounter difficulty when reassembling subgroups into the master model.

Typically I rely on Dropbox to store the model files but it would be desirable and much simpler if it were possible to upload the full working model file directly to the 3D Warehouse.

It’s still 50 Mb, and for larger

(After Guy’s post: duh - should have re-read the original post that this was iPad. Thanks, Guy)


The new version of the app support dropbox! No problem with the size, much easier than the warehouse all our project are already on dropbox.



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