Why Is There A 50MB Upload Limit?


strong text I have two models now that exceed the 50MB Upload limit at the SketchUp Warehouse? Why is there this limit? How am I ever going to be able to do models without any constraints? The last thing that I want is to be bogged down worrying about if my model that I am making is going to be over the 50MB limit. How can anyone focus or be creative with that hanging over their heads? Usually or how it once used to be, the warehouse would purge the model, I forget how to do this myself, because I have never needed to do that, EVER… This is not the first time that I have actual upload issues with the warehouse, though it’s going a few years bacvk, I had a model of a house that I had made and added tecxtures to it and other models, like chairs etc. since I can’t make that stuff myself. Anyway that was too large in KB I think. But a 50MB limit??? What Fudging heck is that about?

I’m trying vrey hard to not actually swear and know that would not be appreciated. I would appreciate knowing why this, it seems a huge drop in file size of what can be uploaded to the warehouse. How can anyone, like myself share models that are over the 50MB upload file size? Please, please help, anyone, this is stressing me out beyond mention and is getting me quite upset too.


Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused


it used to be 10MB…

and, I think theres a Feature Request to raise to 100MB for Pro users…



There’s nothing preventing you from making models that you don’t share on 3D Warehouse. You can either keep huge models for yourself or share at other hosts and have a low res model with a link in 3D Warehouse.

In fact the old 10 MB limit was one of the main reasons why I started experimenting with web technologies to create my own website which is how I learned coding in the first place so personally I’m very lucky there was a size limit. Without the 10 MB limit back in the days my plugins today would probably not have existed.

There’s also another very good reason for having a limit. The warehouse is used for hosting components people should be able to use in their own models, e.g. vehicles or furniture. Huge models are unusable as components in other projects and can only be used to to look at. Nearly every day at work I struggle trying to find proper components among all huge models and for my own work the warehouse would actually be so much more useful if there was instead a 1 MB limit, but I think we all can agree that that isn’t optimal. Better searching and sorting would solve that problem.


When you have a model that exceeds the 50mb limit, you can perform a purge or run CleanUp3 to reduce the file size. If the problem is not resolved this way, the best alternative is to break the model into smaller components, each having a unique filename. Then each submodel can be saved independently and uploaded to 3dwh where they can later be downloaded and reassembled into the original (larger) model at the user’s convenience.


What is the possibility of SketchUp ever adding in a feature like AutoCAD’s XREF, this would be useful for a lot of reasons.


There are at least two plugins that do this that I know of.

Xref Manager (free from SketchUcation Plugin Store) and Cross Reference Organizer, 14 day free trial, ÂŁ34 full version from the authors http://lasuapps.com


The plugin just helps organizing, all data is still stored in the main SketchUp file. This is the difference from AutoCad which supports referencing external file without embedding them (similarly to inDesign).


True, alas. But both do make it easier to edit sub parts of a model independently


Thank you all for your input on my post, much appreciated. Sorry for the long delay, due to ill health, I have not been able to reply until now. I will try all of the tips mentioned and let you all know how that goes, when I can. Unfortunately I am not in the best of health, while it is not bad, it’s not good either. Thank you everyone so, so very much. Hugs for you all.



On that line, I purge my model basically every time right before I save it. I realize there are times you don’t want to lose unused layers, components, or materials because you will use them later on, but I think generally it’s a good habit to have.


If you are careful with what components you use, e.g. only use SketchUp’s own furniture and not models made by random users, I’ve found it’s very hard to exceed such size limit. I’ve worked on professional projects with a quite high level of detail without even making the file half as big.


There are two very different reasons why people upload models to the 3D Warehouse.

One is to share a useful component so that others don’t have to draw it again. This is especially convenient for things such as windows, appliances, etc. from manufacturers because you can be sure to get the correct size and shape. These models should be well below 50MB if they are to be useful! However, many of them contain fine detail that is great if you need to view, say, a sink from 0.5m away but unnecessary in a model of a building. Always download a component into a separate file and check it over before adding it to your real model!

The other is to show off a modeler’s work. For example, if you just completed a model of an entire house you may want the world to see how wonderful it is. This kind of model is more likely to run up against the file size limit, either due to its sheer scope or because it contains too many components over-detailed components. It is not likely that someone else will need to reuse your entire 250MB model, so maybe it is more valuable to share images of especially nice aspects and maybe to extract individual components that would fit the first category. As Julia mentioned earlier, one might consider other sites and means to show off this kind of model.


Another possibility (besides reuse and showcasing) is file sharing with a coworker. For that purpose you should use Trimble Connect which has no limit (5GB, to be exact).


Thank you. I have made two cities so far and mostly used my own textures and buildings, but some objects like for example railway tracks, boats, that kind of thing to make my sea front city look authentic, no it’s not really needed, that said, it would not be or feel right to me personally to not thave such things like that there and I made sure not to choose too many, just a few randomly placed, my second city has less in terms of added models to them, such as only just 2 office buldings, one bus and a statue, everything else I have made myself and I have seen city models in the warehouse I think with more to them than what I have done, unless those models were done before the changes were made. I do not know. I will do my best to try the other suggestions, so long I do not find them stressful to do. I have to avoid anything that may cause me stress, I have that real bad, so a simple and easy solution would help me more than anything else.


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