What's the free license good for?

Hi there I’m not sure what license I need given my situation. I plan on starting a small business building playstands for birds and would like to be able to draft them out in sketchup before I actually build them. I plan on making about 5 different designs and manufacturing them based off those designs and selling the finished product on the interwebs.

My question is what exactly do I need for a license? I don’t plan on selling the designs themselves or using sketchup to get into 3D modelling where I post my work as an artist or anything like that. I’m not doing any structural or mechanical design like drafting out some sort of sky scraper complete with large metal statues or whatever so there’s no risk of lawsuit from a poorly deisgned product collapsing on a crowd of school kids. I’m wondering if for the approximately 5 different designs I’m going to run off do I really need a professional yearly license?

As of now I have not started the business and I am doing this as a hobby so I think the free license is good. But when I get going and get a business license will I need to upgrade to pro or will I be able to remain on the free license considering what I will be doing with sketchup?

Thanks, and also I did try to search out in advance some answers to this question even on this forum and found none.

If you’re using Sketchup to design these playstands that you’ll be selling, you would need to be using a license that allows for commercial use. So that would be SketchUp Pro or Sketchup Shop.

If you have any doubts, you would do well to hire a lawyer to go over the SketchUp license and get professional advice.


DaveR thanks for the quick response. I guess if I’m making money a little yearly license won’t hurt too bad, at least the price is reasonable and not multiple thousands of dollars for some obscene software that is insanely overpowered for what I need.

On a side note, my first name is also Dave and my last initial is also R. Small world :slight_smile: