Copyright permission to sales

Greetings! My name is Joab. I am a developer of games and applications for both mobile and for computers. Currently I use the free version available for you to “Sketchup Make” version.

I wonder if I’m allowed to use models produced by me, with this version of Sketchup for a game of my own that aims to generate financial gain.

Reinforcement that I will not sell the models separately.

Waiting for answers.

Already I greatly appreciate the support.

Joab Ornela

I think it’s pretty clear if you read the agreement. You’ll be using sketchUp to make money even if you aren’t selling the models directly. You need Pro.

You should consult your own attorney, but my understanding of the terms of service is that it does not matter if you sell the models as such. What matters is if you are using SketchUp in a profit-making business, which sounds like it is the case.