Sketchup Free, Can i use my models in a game

Can i use sketchup models made by myself in my game that i wanna launch someday? or do i have to get pro?

You should read the EULA. If you’re going to sell the game that would make your use of SketchUp commercial which would require a SketchUp Pro license.

Yes you can export as DAE then into Blender to transform into a better format to import again into a game engine. There are some plugins that can give you helpful formats like 3ds or obj, or at least used to be).

Pro version has some better exporters built in. Whatever you build in Sketchup however, it pretty much always needs cleaning up again in something else (I use Blender) so you may want to just look at that and cut out sketchup all together.

If you want to stick with Sketchup then the workflow I use is Sketchup > Blender > Unreal Engine (but I am looking at Unity at the moment).

EDIT: sorry no you can’t do this with Sketchup Free (the web version) but you can do this with Sketchup Make 2017 that you can still download.

Okay thanks

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