Using sketchup for FPS Game Design in Unreal Engine

I’m a fairly experienced Sketchup User yet I’m unable to make use of Blender which is a VERY confusing application for me.
I’ve taken up a game design project as a 3D Modeller for a FPS game.
My “boss” is showing concern with sketchup’s abilities in order to make detailed and “rigged” 3D models for a game in Unreal Engine.
I’d like to know firstly if sketchup can actually be used for a game on the level of Battlefield and Halo for console.
Are there any addons/extensions that will truly make sketchup a program capable of competing with other applications out there.
And if sketchup cannot sadly be used for game design, could anyone provide some 1 on 1 assistance with blender, for i am terrible learning off tutorials.

We are also looking for more staff, especially those who can work on enviromental and character assets.

I use the combo SketchUp, Blender and Unreal for some of my projects.

Rigging models, as far as I know, isn’t possible in SketchUp.

For mapping models: there’s a few plugins that might help: Wrapr (not released yet), UV-Editor by Marginal (, maybe quad face tools. It all depends on the kind of meshes you must make (characters / vehicles / buildings / etc).

Your boss probably want a 2nd uv channel (lightmap) on the meshes. For that you need Blender. Just look at some video tutorials about uv mapping in Blender. Its no rocket science:

  • import mesh
  • select mesh - maybe join all sub-meshes into 1
  • add uv channel
  • select faces and press ‘u’ -> smart uv project
  • set size of uv channel
  • export to fbx

you will all need SU Pro for commercial work, check the license conditions…


Do you model in sketchup or blender?

I spoke to my “boss” and he said that we’re going to check the feasibility of this before burning green.

Which of the sketehup application part you face confusing.

I model in sketchup and only use blender for adding the second uv channel.