What to do about corrupt skp file contents?

This is a very open-ended query about a file that has become corrupt at some point in the past, whose problems have only now become apparent, and what can be done to find and/or eliminate the specific problem and/or prevent it from haunting me forever.

I work on a Mac with up-to-date OS (10.14.2) and up-to-date SketchUp Pro 2018 (18.1.1180). I have a file that has a long history of edits over many years and many versions of SketchUp (model1.skp). [The file also represents many years of learning and mistake-making, so although you are free to critique its contents and structure, rest assured that it would not be such a mess if I were to start it from scratch and do it again :sunglasses:]

Recently, I attempted to Import this file into a new file so that it could exist within a model with a greater context. I found that every time I tried to save the new file, SketchUp would crash. In fact, it would crash without invoking the BugsplashReporter, so I have not been able to submit it as a bug in that way. I have started another thread about the Bugsplat Reporter not appearing as a separate issue.

[I have done almost all of the Crash Troubleshooting Steps (Bugsplat Crash Message in SketchUp | SketchUp Help) on the SketchUp help page about such things. As a result of a bunch of experimenting, I am pretty confident that I know what sort of elements in the file are corrupt, but I remain unsure what to do about it.]

If I import my entire model1.skp file into a new skp file, then attempt to save, SketchUp crashes. If I copy all the geometry along with all the section planes from model1.skp and paste into a new file then attempt to save, SketchUp crashes. However, if I copy all the geometry but not the section planes from model1.skp and paste into a new file I can successfully save the new file. What’s more, the new (derivative) file (sans section planes) can be successfully imported, edited and saved. I have also been able to open the original model1.skp file (and any number of finder copies), edit it and successfully save, save as, or save a copy.

I conclude from all of this that whatever is corrupt in my model1.skp file has to do with the section planes in my original model and their unhappiness in their current state in the context of a new model. I would like to know if there is anything available to help me analyze the contents of a skp file to find and isolate the sort of corruption that lurks in this file of mine. “Fix Problems” from the model info finds that the model is just fine, but simply continuing to work with the file as-is seems fraught with peril.

Any insights will be appreciated. Finding out specifically what’s gone wrong (and how to fix it) would be wonderful, especially if we can avoid it happening again in the future.

I opened it in SU 2017 and saved it without a crash.

(I separately tried 3DW cleaner which removed 99 items and purge which deleted nothing).

Maybe a problem with your SU installation?

Thanks for giving that a try (and for introducing me to 3DW Tools). It is quite possibly an interaction between the contents of this file and something weird in my system. After a little more investigation, I’ve been able to determine what element in my file is corrupt, but nobody has reported being able to reproduce my crash (including SketchUp tech support).

In SU 2018 (mac) if I copy all the geometry along with all the section planes (or just section plane #9) in the file I posted, then paste them into a new file, SU crashes when I attempt to save the new file. (Likewise, it crashes if I import into a new file then save.) If I copy all the geometry plus all section planes except section plane #9, then paste them into a new file, SU saves the new file successfully.

It was a bit painstaking to locate the precise part of the file that is so offensive that a new file containing it won’t save, and it would have been nice if some sort of analysis or clean-up tool could have done that work. Other than potentially tracking down a bug, it doesn’t seem particularly important to keep bashing on this problem. It seems that if I just get rid of that offensive section plane, I can carry on doing everything I need to do with my model.

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