What Sketchup will run with Intel HD Graphics 4400 and 0 dedicated memory

Have been running Sketchup pro 16 on a laptop that only has Intel HD Graphics 4400, 4 GB of installed memory, and 0 dedicated memory for this software. I am a business educator and my students only use the software to create 2D or non detailed very basic 3D renderings of real estate site concepts for their business plans. When Sketchup 17 came out I uninstalled Sketchup 16 and downloaded 17, only to find that it would not run on my standard issue Dell Latitude E5440. The system specs for Sketchup 17 indicate at least 256 MG of dedicated memory are required to run 17. Should I go back to 16 or is there something else a little newer but still capable of running with no dedicated memory?

My current notebook is somewhat similar to yours - 4GB of RAM with Intel HD Graphics 3000 and no dedicated graphic card but SketchUp Make 2017 runs smoothly on it. Haven’t experienced any problems at all.

However, the Intel HD Graphics cards have a option in the BIOS settings, which can be used to specify dedicated memory.
How to Increase Intel HD Graphics Dedicated Video Memory

I have changed mine a long time ago to the maximum that was offered - 512 MB.

Have you made sure that you meet all the requirements, mentioned at SketchUp Hardware and Software Requirements, specificially the .NET Framework and C++ packages?

download and install latest intel HD graphics driver version from 22.02.2017.

no need in doing this, SU main versions do co-exist w/o problems on one system.

This driver download fails when using the hardware mentioned below.





Sorry, here is the hardware.

Dell Latitude E5440

Graphics Card:
Intel HD Graphics 4400 – 0GB Memory (Integrated Graphics)

Operating System:
Windows 8.1 Pro 64-Bit

Installed Memory:

Intel Core i5-4210U @ 1.70GHz / 2.40GHz

should work, download and run the Dell SupportAssist tool.

btw, you can edit your posts (=> pen tool below post).

Sketchup 17 will surely run on e5440 but for this, the laptop needs some update, such as new, latest and updated drivers, some increment in RAM memory, more advanced Graphic Card than current version etc. If you experience any issue while performing given tasks then check Dell Latitude E5440 Manual for support.