What is this offset limit?

I am trying to use the push & pull tool but it keeps saying that there is an offset limit- why is this? I did not intentionally set any limits on this wall and I need to pull it down

You have hit an edge. If that edge is planar with your PP you can stop and continue, if not planar then you have hit a stopping point.

I’m sorry this is my first time using sketch up what is PP? Is there anyway to fix this problem? Again new user-
need to be walked through this

PP= Push/Pull

When the face your are push-pulling reaches a place where it meets another edge or face and that edge or face would require splitting the one your are push-pulling or the sides of the extrusion you are creating, SketchUp posts that notice and refuses to go farther.

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With the Push/Pull tool active … Look to the Status Bar at the bottom of the GUI
There, notice you can use a modifier key to create a new starting face.

Press Ctrl (Microsoft Windows) or Option (Mac OS X) and the Offset Limit is negated.

When that P/P operation doesn’t create the edges of intersection you need:
• Select the geometry
• Right Context Click on the selection > Intersect Faces > With Selection
• Then erase what you don’t need.

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What do you mean by planar? How do you change off set limits?

Flat, in the same plane.

There isn’t a limit to change, the geometry is telling you you have hit something.

In this gif you can see the ‘wall’ has two breaks, one is planar, the second is at an angle, so non planar. When you hit the first one it gives you that message, but also allows you to start again and continue, but when you hit the second one it will stop, give the message and go no further, until you hit ctrl to toggle a new face at that point. That will extrude but go through the face that is at an angle.

ctrl pp


I am very new at SketchUp. I am an Interior Design student and probably way to old to be trying something new. For some reason I cant extrude a couple of the walls in my plan. I’m also having trouble with the push pull tool in a couple of windows. How do I upload my plan?
Thanks in advance.

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