What is the Silent Command line to install Sketch 2023, without the Studio Feature

I have just downloaded SketchUp 2023 to install via command line and noticed that it is now called SketckUp Studio.

What is the command line to install just SketchUp with the 3 apps and not the Studio apps?

Does anyone know, if you do, can you please share the command.


Info is here

Hi there

Thanks for the info.

So could you please confirm with me the exact command to install Sketch 2023, with the 3 apps and not to include the SketchStudio apps. As when I went to install it via the exe, the 2 Studio Apps were enabled by default, so I need to have the command not to install these and only the Sketchup 3 apps

Hope this is ok


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If you don’t have a studio license after the trial period the extra features will just stop working, they’re just plug-ins that you can uninstall from the extension manager.

There are examples in there , if you are performing a silent install you apply these switches via command line.

The example given looks as if you have to add the studio features in and simply running silent won’t install them.

Tried a silent deployment (SketchUpStudio-2023-1-340-117.exe /silent) and not seeing any sign of the Studio add-ins installed. This should be perfect for the Pro license deployments or similar cases.

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The suggested command from Sketchup doesn’t seem to work. It’s mostly silent, but I’m still getting a pop up asking “Do you want to let this app make changes to your PC.”

How do I get rid of that?

When you install as admin you concede some permissions to the app, there’s no way to get rid of that and it won’t break your computer as well.

I would shave thought running it via an elevated command prompt would have been enough