Please help cause I am getting crazy

I have recently installed the PRO 2020 offline version for 64 bit but keep on receiving below error which says that the function that I am trying to use is not available on the network source. But when I am opening a drawing of a layout file the software is working normally only the error keeps on popping up which is driving me crazy,

Anybody here to please help me?


Perhaps @MikeWayzovski and @g.h.hubers could interpret the error message.

I do hope so Geo cause it’s getting pretty frustrating. The error keeps on popping up continually without stopping. It feels like a second world war prisoners torment

Do you have a network license?
here is some info for (silent) install:

2020 Silent install instructions:

This is done by running the .exe with the -silent option on the command line. We had to make changes to the installer so the new instructions are listed below.

Running without an internet connection

You will need to make sure the following prerequisites are installed. These will automatically install if an internet connection is available.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (x64) - 14.23.27820

KB2999226 - Windows 7 Only

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

How to run the silent installer with default options

Download a SketchUp 2020 installer. The full installer includes all of the language packs.

From an elevated command line or script run

SketchUpPro2020-0-363-132.exe /silent

This will install with default options. English as the language, C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2020 as the install directory.

While the install is running no windows will open. After a couple of minutes SketchUp will be installed.

How to run a customized silent installer

For customized installs you can specify the language and/or the install destination path.

FEATURES= is for adding languages.

INSTALLDIR= is for specifying install destination


SketchUpPro2020-0-363-132.exe /silent FEATURE=fr INSTALLDIR=D:\Apps\Sketchup2020

SketchUpPro2020-0-363-132.exe INSTALLDIR=D:\Apps\Sketchup2020

SketchUpPro2020-0-363-132.exe /silent FEATURE=fr,ja

Supported Languages

Feature Code Language


de German

es Spanish

fr French

it Italian

ja Japanese

ko Korean

pt_br Portuguese


ru Russian

sv Swedish

zh_cn Chinese Simplified


zh_tw Chinese Traditional



The installer creates an InstallShield.log from the directory where it was run. This can contain information useful for troubleshooting.

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Hello Mike,

No we don t have á network license but a single subscription which provides me new license on every update just like this one


What’s with the .msi, then?
Just download through your AMP, and install by rightclicking on the installer file and choose ‘run as Administrator’

This is an error that the msi installer (that was used to install an application can no longer be found.)
This occurs usually when an attempt is made to reinstall, uninstaller or repair the installation.

So, in other words it’s a Windows System error message box asking the user to browse to someplace on the system where the install archive can be found.

This might be from one of the libraries that SketchUp tried to install (ie, the MS Visual C runtime.)

@Petra, find the installer exe or redownload it from
then go to your “Downloads” folder, right-click on the installer and choose “Run as administrator”.
If you see a “Repair” option choose this.
If not you may see a “Install” option that you should choose.
Afterward, reboot computer, and try to open the SketchUp application again.

Report back.

Thanks for your help