SketchUp Pro silent install switch for exe file


does anyone know the silent install switch for SketchUp?


msiexec -h

to learn the switches on that command.

SketchUp and Hard Drive Imaging

I’m about to create a package to silently install Sketchup Make 2017 via SCCM. My job was made a lot easier because my base WIM already contains the prerequisites. If you run the downloaded installer exe up to the point that it asks about installing the prerequisites (at which time you halt the install process) it will unpack the msi and the prerequisite msu’s into a folder called sketchup_install in %appdata%\Local\Temp. Copy that folder some place safe and from there you should be able to build a silent install package.


just open the EXE with your preferrred archiver application and grab the MSI from inside there.