What is the right method of creating my own component library?

hi everyone,

i would like to to create two component libraries. in one of them i would store elements such as cabinet body, front, drawer, handle, legs. from these elements i would like to build configurable cabinets (about 80-100 variations), which i would store in the other library. my idea is shown in the video ‘SW’.

but when saving, i must be doing something wrong:
as you can see in the video (SU_question1), after loading from the library, the unit of measurement changes from ‘cm’ to ‘inch’ and the variables disappear, so the equations don’t work.

How to do this correctly so that I don’t have to redraw everything from zero one by one?

thanks in advance for any help.

elemek.skp (108.6 KB)
Korpusz.skp (88.6 KB)

you are using groups
groups are very hard to make unique with Dynamic Components
they will retain previous scaling and are totally unpredictable to whether they will become unique. Only use groups at the lowest nesting or level. Certain do not use groups on any other level if you wish to cannibalise or make internal copies

I will post some methods on how to make and reuse basic elements soon (currently putting up explanations / videos for a similar post), in the meantime I recommend you download and familiarize yourself with Aerilius attribute inspector.

One can use Aerilius attribute inspector to change the _name attribute, thus redefining a copied DC

or for any its drop down list / values find the
_“some attribute name with a drop down”_options
copy and paste the URL string into another DC and the options/list of the dropdown will be changed to the pasted list. This in conjunction with an excel spreadsheet makes easy work of filling or changing options.

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thank You for the answer.
could You please share with me the link of the similar post you have written about?


I still have not put it together, however can give some pointers

if you have not already done so, I recommend using the instance name to specify a component. That is, do not use the Name attribute nor change the attribute dialog header.

But after creating a basic component, save it to a folder,(use right context menu, saveas, but save as 2020 or lower as there is a current problem with 2021) purge it from your creation file, then bring it back, this will activate the updates to the option header as well as the attribute header,
after naming the instance, this will update to any changes

Once you have established any sub groups or components for this DC, change the references of these from their parent name to to the generic parent! this will assure that any further changes does not break the reference.

You can then set up basic components to be used in the construction.

I recommend you use custom attributes for the reports, otherwise the report generator will fill up the reports with a lot of surplus data

I have uploaded the file above to my warehouse pages

Cabinet Stock | 3D Warehouse (sketchup.com)

to be continued…


No idea you had a warehouse page, this is AWESOME, thanks Philip.

From the above file, components can be made based on existing by making a copy unique (a DC with a child DC will automatically become unique, but check anyway, if you change any child, make that unique first), change the name, change the geometry, scale definition. Scale definition is important for any inserted components to have the same starting scale. Then you can change the _name attribute to the same as the definition using Aerilius’ attribute inspector if you require.

You can see how a range of items can be made from a few parts. Like a carcass could be made from six standard 16mm, single edge, MDF boards and a 3mm single face back board. (just like on the workshop floor) Just position, resize and change their instance name. Because they have DC subs they will automatically become unique when sizes are changed. Fill in the DC size and positions formulas for the carcass, then change the parent name to parent in the boards. Initially I use simple instance one word names, so double click and paste makes it easy to change it to the copied term “parent”, one can change the instance name in the entity info to a more complex term later if required. (“right” to “right side” ?)
Attached video, the previous DCs being saved-as 2020 to a folder and excess-able in the second component browser.

you could leave the carcass as a normal component for custom designs or add the formula to make a DC for multiple reuse

formulas done, then saveas, return to a clean file to activate the instance method. Because of the use of “parent” can change the sub instance names at any time.

Can change _name using Aerilius attribute inspector to match the new component name

Now place in the stock file to assure no conflicts

to be continued…