Best way to create a components library with attributes and counting

Hello Comunity, :blush:
I am dedicated to design Exhibitions Stands.
Right now I am looking for the best way to create a personal library for the company i am working in, with all the elements that we use to built (aluminium profiles - Panels - Furniture… Etc).

At the same time to be able to add diferent atributes to each element like Price(diferents prices if is posible, because we rent the stands and also we sell them) volume, High, Weidth, etc.

And after used all the elements requerided in the project. We want to be able to create a list to count all the cuantities and units of each one, of course with all their attributies.

Until now, I am analasing the opcion of ProfileBuilder2 (pluging for Sketchup)
This plugien allow me to add all this atributes to the elements.

But a not sure if there is another better way to do it.

Thanks for everything i would really appreciate any comment.

Emmanuel Mora :slightly_smiling_face:

attached, a kind of list that we want to obtain, and one of the stands we built!

(the kind of list we want)

(the example booth)

As mentioned in your other post, one could use the existing meta data input using dynamic components and retrieving and exporting via report writer.
A possible approach would be create a component template with the expected fields you require, then set the report writer to reflect the data, then save that to the model. Some data may not appear in the format you require, but one can tweak it by using text and formula in the component. The attached file has a simple shape with attributes with a custom report.
Once you have a file set up to how you require, then you can save it as a template in Sketchup.

With regards the dynamic component, I selected the inner geometry and make that a component, if you right click saved it as a component, named as you like. (delete and clear existing), Now download (drag and drop from its folder) the component into the template, then swap the inner component either right click,warehouse,reload for an object from warehouse, or reload from own collection. (Reload does not allow size update). For object that you require to update to current size (provided its allows it) you have to use dynamic components/swap component (short cut key if used often?).
Then its a matter of rotating and moving the object to match the same axis, then filling or transferring the data. Save as a component to the appropriate folder, then the next… such you build a family that all work with the report
template.skp (56.0 KB)
Further refinements can be made once the list is loaded to a spreadsheet software

Sr pcmoor
Thank you very much for your comment and explanation.
has been very kind in taking the time. this will help me a lot.
now I will try to apply everything you told me. And later I will comment you the results.

best wishes
Emmanuel Mora

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