XLSX and Attributes

I have 300+ product models that have attribute info. There are 12+ attributes for each model including item number, description 1, description 2, weight, Shipping Cubes ect. Attribute names, as you know, must be identical and perfect in each model or data does not appear in reports. So my question is; can I link and or set one attribute per component, the item number, and then link the item number with a master CSV or XLS file locally to pull all other information into the reports or must I store each products information in the dynamic component?

You could do either
In excel with either formula or VBA macro, fill a table based on the sketchup report. Or you could use a Macro that converts the data to a list that can be copied and pasted into the components, Either way, there is no rewriting. so should minimum the risk of error.
If you choose the item description, a table can be created in excel with the extra elements, saved to a know name/location, and layout on update read this.

If you choose the full information in the DC, then the table can be produced in Sketchup, I note or are using 2017. whereas 2018 has more advance options in this regard. I created a Macro that can convert excel data to a form that is easily pasted into the DCs dropdowns or lists, you would need to private message a email address, as can not upload it here. Early example shown in previous post

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Hi could u mail to Susketch17@gmail.com the file related to excel to sketchup