What is the quickest way for me to prepare separate components in my basemap for the push/pull tool?

I am very stuck right now in SketchUp and have no idea where to begin. I received some help with importing my AutoCAD file into SketchUp. Right now, the entire background of my map in SketchUp is white. I am used to the background always being grey at the start in SketchUp and me having to fill in each object one by one. I will have to alter the elevation of almost every component on this base map, but I have no idea where to start. I thought if the background was white, this meant that all objects within the map were solid and closed. Several objects within the base map were clustered in groups at the start so I used the explode command to make sure every segment was separate. What do I do next to make each part of the map ready for the push/pull tool? Do I need to retrace every part of the map? Also, a lot of features have curves on my map which normally makes things complex when trying to fill in objects I will include my current SketchUp file below.

sarahb.skp (573.0 KB)

There are no faces in your model, just edges. There is a plugin (Adebeo Pushline) which works on edges like Pushpull does on faces, but I don’t think that would really help you.

Where the edges make a closed and flat boundary, redrawing any edge will create a face.

For example, re-draw this short edge:

and that face will close. (It goes grey with the style you have set).

And you can work your way round the walls, closing a section at a time, then deleting any redundant edges - just redrawing an existing inner or outer edge may not close the face so draw between inside and outside edges of the walls.

For example:

As you go, when you have a section with faces created, make it a component or group, and assign a suitable tag.

The original AutoCad drawing, as so often, isn’t very clean. Some stray edges, some gaps. For example,

It’s sometimes a toss-up between trying to clean the original import, or make the whole thing a component (Select All/Make Component), lock it (R-click, Lock) and draw over it in SU.

For the building walls, probably worth cleaning up the original, getting rid of stray edges, duplicate or near duplicate lines, and closing gaps to enable you to create faces for the walls that you can then push pull up.

If you haven’t already been there, go to https://learn.sketchup.com and follow the tutorials to get the hang of how SketchUp works. And the Square One series on YouTube.

This is the way! :wink: