Managing Layers with 'Connected' Components

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I am comparing partition wall layouts. I use Ctrl-Push-Pull to raise each partition after drawing its outline on the floor.

When I toggle ‘New…Walls’ Off, the curved feature wall leaves a void in the external wall because they shared an edge at the base.

Sketchup generates warning messages about connections to hidden layers if I try to ‘repair’ the hole.

I could leave a 1mm gap between the external wall and each new partition as I did with the wardrobes, but this takes longer.

Is there any other way round this, please?

leave all geometry on Layer0…

select desired geometry >> make group/comp >> new layer…

groups don’t interfere with loose geometry…


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Hi Mike - I have viewed this tutorial many times. It doesn’t address my question regarding shared faces/edges generated during Push-Pull. Have I missed something?

Select a face and its edges that you want to pushpull and make it a component before you start the pushpull. Then open the component for edit and do the pushpull. That will isolate it from neighboring edges and faces - though you may see some stray lines on faces if adjacent faces caused the original edges to be split. You can just erase those strays.

Excellent, thank you. Did not know Push-pull could be used on components. Maybe someone will add this nugget to Sketchup 101.

Push/Pull can’t be used on components. You need to open the component for editing and use Push/Pull on a face inside the component. this was indicated by

Probably not.

Thanks Dave - I did it right but wrote it wrong. For any kind of drawing with multiple layers and components this tactic is crucial, but I never saw it described before. Push-Pull should have its own Wikipedia page or website.

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