What is the context menu and where do I find it to fix this mess?

Layout keeps doing this. I think all is well, I save my work, and boom. It has happened multiple times on this set of plans and costs me hours to redo stuff I did already. How do I fix it? I had copied one of the su models and pasted it in another sketchup model, and this happened. When I looked back at the scenes, some had changed so I got them back to what they were. But now I have to fix this dogs breakfast. I read Dave said it’s fixed in the context menu - but I don’t know what that is or where to find it. If I right click on the yellow triangle and click render models on page nothing happens.

You should open the Document Setup>References window and update the references there. If some of the items show as “missing”, use the Relink button to locate their current versions.
The alert signs on your page indicate missing items or items in need of an update.

The Context menu is the one that pops up when you right click on something. What is displays depends on the context of what you right click on.

I never wrote that what you show would be fixed by the Context menu, though.

It looks to me as if you’ve done one or more of the following.

Used Last save SketchUp view for for the viewports.
Edited camera position within the viewports.
Modfied scenes in the SketchUp model so they no longer show the model correctly.
Deleted some of the model.
Copied and pasted between SketchUp and LayOut.
Created embedded files that have lost their reference.

Whatever the cause, it’s evidence of incorrect workflow. Those labels are all trying to be anchored to the model but there isn’t anything for them to be anchored to because the reference is screwed up.

Probably too late now but if you haven’t saved it, close the file and reopen it. Don’t update the reference. Look at the SketchUp reference to see if it points at the original SketchUp model or something else.

Probably easiest at this point to delete the mess and rebuild it.

As usual if you shared the files it would help.

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Thanks. I thought as much. Well, I’ll have to remake the two pages that were linked to the original model. I was wondering - I could reinsert the model but how would I make the yellow triangles go away? They seem fixed in place.

I was going to include the file but it’s badly thought out. I have a bunch of 2d drawings spaced apart and the 3d model. I should have made 2 models - one with the 2d drawings, and one with them 3d model. When I try to use the section plane, it spans across all the 2d models and is unwieldly. I had to make a section, so I copied and pasted the 3d model in a different file, so that must have been when it upset the scenes.

Select those viewports and delete them.

The view port seems to be gone - there’s no blue box when I hover near them

Wait when I click on the embedded file on the doc setup they turn on - the embedded file is missing - it’s just a slant.

How do I fix that, delete the embedded file? G

No. The viewports aren’t gone. They are just empty. Drag a right to left selection window over the yellow triangle.

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I recall someone saying there’s a simple 2d program for drawing details - what was it? I use SU because I am familiar with it, but maybe there’s a better option?


Pardon me for being blunt but it seems you frequently have the sort of problems you show here. This has been a common theme for you over the years. The issues always come down to incorrect work flow. Instead of abandoning SketchUp and LayOut maybe you could spend some time learning how to use the software correctly. If you did you’d find your projects much easier to deal with and you wouldn’t create the “dog’s breakfast” that you have.

There are plenty of 2D drawing applications out there if that’s what you want but unless you’re going to take the time to learn them, there’s little point in going looking.


This particular job I started in november 2019 - It has been dragging slowly through LA county. Months go by, I get a response, and work on the changes, and it crashes. I eventually “fix” the problem, and resubmit. More months go by, and it happens again. Yes, you are correct. I am a contractor, so I don’t use the program all that often, and have to relearn stuff, watch videos about specific problems I have each time I have to draw plans.

My next plans that I have to draw, I am going to keep the 3d stuff on one model and the 2d on another so they can have their own set of scenes. Were I a professional draftsman, I would have learned the program and become facil with it, like I am on job sites. So, yes I tend to make the same mistakes when months go by and I have to relearn stuff. That said, I appreciate your time responding to my questions.

I wasn’t thinking of abandoning SU or LO, I just wondered if I should do the 2d stuff with a different program. I thought perhaps I am using the wrong tool to do the 2d stuff with, and I recall someone here suggested a candidate, but I don’t recall which it was.

Anyway, thanks Dave, I appreciate your help.



Dave, The repair is going quickly. I had deleted the labels but they were easy to redo. Getting rid of the yellow triangles went quickly once I knew how to get rid of them. I corrected the messed up scenes in the SU model, reimported it, and copied and dragged it to the correct locations, and updated the scenes.
Thank you for your help - once I understood how to fix it it wasn’t as daunting as I felt when it went south.