Problems with context menu with latest version of Sketchup Pro

With the latest version pro 21 (21.1.299 64bit) I have an annoying problem after some time I use the program the context menu can no longer be used, it is necessary to save, close the program and restart to then replicate and so

You will find that there are a few discussions about this already. The only work around for now is to close SketchUp and open it again, and you’ll get another period of time when the menus will work. You can get to the same menu at the bottom of the Edit menu, it would be interesting to see if those copies of the menus are working.

The problem has already been looked into, and I believe is due to be fixed in the next update from us. I cannot give you an exact date for the next update.

togliete la modifica al pulsante ctrl per duplicare i modelli, è scomoda, se voglio duplicare un modello più volte so tenere spinto il pulsante, con la ultima modifica invece se non spingi ctrl duplichi oggetti involontariamente

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I couldn’t agree more about the ctrl button,it is very frustrating! I copy the component, then when I try to move it to the exact position, it copies it again!

I know you can press ctrl again to cancel the command but for long time SketchUp users it doesn’t feel intuitive. I know there has been discussion on this and allowing users to determine how the ctrl button operates. Colin, I would urge you to fix the issue at the same time the greyed out menu button is being fixed for the next update. Thanks!

Il problema c’è anche con il menu modifica, e in generale dopo un po di tempo molte funzioni di scelta rapida non funzionano, comprese anche le opzioni di Photomatch, se avessi comperato sketchup per divertirmi potrei aspettare, ma per uno che ci lavora vi posso assicurare che è una bella perdita di tempo, cercate di correggere in tempi brevi, state perdendo credibilità e non parlo solo per me

I am still not able to tell you a date for an update from us, but here is a post from one of the product managers, that sounds hopeful:

Ho disinstallato ultima versione, ma il computer dice che essendoci una versione più recente non è possibile installare una più vecchia, bisognerebbe agire sul registro, ma occorre sapere come e dove, avete altri consigli così utili da dare?

In a case like that you uninstall the current one, then install the older one. Extensions you have installed will still be there after going back to the earlier version.

The thing I was pointing out in the other post isn’t that you could go back to the earlier version if you have to, I was showing that the product manager says: “we are entering into a final testing phase”. That doesn’t tell you a release date, but it does suggest that it will be “not very much longer, but a little bit longer”.

Is that + or - a “bit” or “much” ?

I think it’s a tad less than too much.

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it would be good to get this a “bit sooner than later”. it’s seriously killing my workflow to constantly close and reopen, and in some cases, reboot to clear whatever hole is getting punched in the system and causing this.