What is the best workflow to draw a polygon in Google maps to sketchup

I am trying to create a polygon of my location and import into Sketch up. The software crashes when I use a shape file. Can I do this using Google maps?

Google’s Terms of Service don’t permit the use of their map or other imagery from Google Maps or Google Earth to be used in SketchUp. Have you used the Add Location feature?

You can use a screenshot for measuring your parcel polygon. Here is a parcel drawn in Google Earth (you could use maps as well). The yellow line below is a 700ft reference line that I add to scale the image once in SketchUp:

Here is the parcel traced in SU for Web (again after scaling it to real-world scale).

To @DaveR’s note, he’s correct that Google data is for reference only. Also keep in mind that SketchUp for web is for non-commerical use as well. The pro version has the Geo-Location tool built in that would streamline this process.

Yes I have but I would like to draw the polygon to scale or if possible take points as I walk

Ok thank you

You can still do that with SketchUp Add Location feature.

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