What is the best way to make a model?

I’m trying to make a side-walk, but when I push-pull it down direction it comes with the texture inside…so its going to make my model heavier…what’s is the best way to push a face without having its insides with the texture above it?

I’ve told you this multiple times in your previous threads. Don’t apply the materials until you’ve made all of the geometry. And make sure that back faces aren’t exposed.

I know, but sure thats is command that allow me to push it without taking the materials! I like to try a material first so I know if its going to work, thats why I need it

No. There isn’t a command to allow it. You insist on applying the materials to the back faces so you are creating your own problems. Quit applying materials to backfaces in the first place. Surely that’s not so hard to understand. If you would follow the advice you’ve been given in your threads you wouldn’t have these problems.

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but it takes so much time to do it Dave

It takes less time to do it right than it takes to fix the mess you create when you do it wrong. Your choice, though. If you had followed the advice given to you in your first threads here your model would be completed already and you would be on to another project. Instead you are still fighting your model because you won’t use the right workflow.

alright. thanks