What is the best CPU for SU to update if my current is i7-5960X

Hi! Guys, could anybody say if it worth to update my CPU i7-5960X, which is overclocked to 4.29 GHz, in order to get better performance while working both SU and VRAY? Maybe there is a limitation of SketchUp itself and there is no need to look for a new pc config. My GPU is GTX 1060 6GB.

My ram is 64 GB and 2x1tb PCI-E SSD

Are you wanting to keep the same motherboard ?

No, I could buy a new one but before I’d like to know if it is really worth to upgrade it. I want to get some bits of advice of users who have got experience in it. Because I saw some topics where people say that SU can only use 1-2 cores, so my 4.29 GHz CPU has 8 cores and 16 threads. I think my pc is not so slow and if I buy new hardware will I really feel any increase in performance in SU? Maybe there are some other specifications besides GHz and number of cores of hardware that affect performance in SU.

modeling operations of all 3D modelers are single threaded only, therefore the CPU with the fastest single thread performance will benefit SketchUp modeling operations most.

If you keep the MB then you’ll be limited to CPUs that fit the socket AND that your MB BIOS supports …

It seems that your CPU is the best of the 5th generation.
You could move up to a 6th gen CPU.

The single thread rating looks to be 25% better.

But you’ll need to compare that cost (and still having a 4 year old machine) with the cost of a newer motherboard, new faster memory and a later generation CPU.

I’ve noticed that discontinued CPU prices are inflated.

Ok, thanks for replies!)