What has happened to the forum formatting?


The subcategory titles used to have a colour background. Today it is reduced to a tiny speck to the left of the title

For me it looks the same at work with IE11 and here at home with Chrome.



Noticed this too… I’m not sure which version looks better.


I like the way it was. The larger expanse of color made it much easier to identify categories.
And the small/bold category title is not easy to read.


And were did the “star” go?
Used to “star” treads. No problem though… Can always bookmark from here.

Really enjoy this forum!

Edit: seems like that’s exactly what happened. Stars now bookmarks. Thanks Fine.
Sorry, if I was too busy.


The star was in the Google Product Forums. When SketchUp moves half a year ago to this forum, you “like” :heart: posts.
This topic is about minor changes since 1/2 days ago.


you could star topics at this forum too…
funny, same topics happening at another discourse forum i visit.