Forum Text Color and Background are the SAME! - And I can't read anything!

I’m actually typing the subject and text of this BLIND!!! I can’t even see what I’m typing. Appears to be white text on a white background.

Same problem on the settings/interface screen - so I can’t see to change my settings! Any ideas?

I’m going to try to set this to email notifications so I can see all responses!

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And now, 2 minutes later, everything is looking OK - I can use the forum again!

hello, are you sure you didn’t just leave those sunglasses on ? :smiley:

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Blinded by the logo change?

Partially blinded by my (short lived) inability to READ the forum, I didn’t even NOTICE the logo change!

But that might explain things - in changing the logo, something inadvertently changed causing a brief period when the forum served up white text on a white background - and was quickly noticed and fixed, but not before I made the original post in this thread!

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