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So late last night, I almost finish a permit package using SketchUp 2013, which, with appreciation, was a free app. It’s a little buggy, but I liked the idea that I’d learn enough to have confidence to know there’s ways to learn what’s needed. Regardless, this afternoon, I finally get the last two bits of info I need to complete this project, and what happened? IDK, but my access is expired, there’s no longer any way to proceed. I try the new online free app, but can’t get my work uploaded in a good way. What game is this? Why is this, a 15 minute update now a f’n two hour chore. If I’m overlooking something, great, I’ll move on. If this is a new game to FORCE me to buy, then I’m going elsewhere because I is not respecting your client base to switch the rules 15 hours after I was using this app. Anyone have any background info so I can understand wtf is happening? Thank you.



Are you saying you just installed a SketchUp 2013 Pro trial? If so, where did you get it? SU2013 hasn’t been available for years. What is it that let you know your access is expired?

What is a good way? Be specific about what doesn’t work.

What 15 minute update?

There’s no game. The only reason you would need to buy SketchUp is to be able to use it commercially. The free versions of SketchUp are not licensed for commercial use.

If you want some help, be more specific about what is happening. Help us help you.


I’m quite confused too what your problem is. What I know SketchUp licenses don’t expire but I could be wrong on that. SketchUp 2013 is on the other hand quite ancient by now and newer versions are faster, more stable and have much, much better extension support so I’d recommend you to update anyway.

SketchUp is only free for non-commercial use. If you are a hobbyist, home owner etc you can still download SU Make 2017 or use the web based toy-like version. If you are a professional you can buy SketchUp 2018 (slightly better and more competent than 2017) or use the “Shop” version which is apparently the toy version on steroids. I can’t say much about it as I have never used it myself.


OP was talking about the trial period, if you still have all the downloads, and vary on different computers, you can go a long way with trial-periods, and keep fooling yourself that you’re compliant with the Terms of Use ( though it specifically states :


In exchange for your payment of the license fee, etc

see here: Trimble SketchUp Pro License

The rules of the game are clear…


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