What happened to the 2d people collection?

When I needed to place scale figures today I couldn’t find SketchUp’s 2d people collection. The collection People only contains the 3d people connection now :open_mouth: .

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I don’t know what happened to that collection but i think they’re here: SketchUp Team | 3D Warehouse

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I managed to find the colelction (People 2D | 3D Warehouse).

However, lately the collection hierarchy of SketcUp’s own content has started breaking apart and content has been much harder to find. This is a quite big problem for me since I heavily rely on this hierarchy to find usable models. In my view the search feature is hardly usable at all since the result is filled with hobby models and in 90% of cases I’m only interested in SketchUp’s own optimized components.

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all collections of SketchUp.com can be found at the concerning collection page… anything?

I know all SketchUp’s collections are there but it’s a really long list. Navigating through the logical hierarchy is in my view much easier.

Speaking of that, I just noticed People still contains both Mark, DC People, 2D People and 3D People when shown in the Component Browser :open_mouth: .

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