3d warehouse (saved collections gone)




I signed in to 3D Warehouse few months ago and I was able to save and arrange numerous collections so that it would be easier for me to choose such models. But when I logged-in again to 3D Warehouse after half a month of not using it, all of the collections that I’ve saved, gathered and arranged are gone. :frowning:

I thought I was logging in a wrong email, but it was the right one. I even searched for “Chin C.” collections and I found the previous collections that I saved before, but only the ones that I set into public.

I’ve noticed that on that “Chin C.” collection the “joined” says (8/12/18), while on my collection it says (12/1/18) the date where I opened my account again.

I don’t know what’s wrong, is it just I registered a wrong email? But I only have one gmail account so it might be impossible. This had never happened before even when I didn’t log-in my account for several months. This is the first time that I have encountered this.

Please do help, it would mean a lot to me. Because I have a lot of collections that I’ve arranged and wasted so much time and effort just to gather and arrange them, and most of them are in private (tho I should’ve set that to public so that I wouldn’t be having this problem).

Thank you and please, do help me. :sob::persevere::pray:


PM me your account (send me the url from your user page when you’re signed in). In all likelihood, you’ve inadvertently logged in using both the methods allowed: using Trimble AND Google. So your stuff is probably there, we just have to figure out which account you’d like to use moving forward.



It’s been 3 days: do you want us to migrate these to one account or do you want to do it yourself? By searching for collections owned by Chin C., something you could have done:


your 2 accounts appear to be




Either use Google or use Trimble’s to login, don’t use both.