What Happened to Forum's Dark Theme?

Hey all! Does anyone know how/when/why the UI of the website changed? I remember it had a darker theme. Can’t find the option to “turn the lights off”. It’s been a while now.

I personally use the “Dark Reader” chrome extension. (Then I adjust the right-side icons so the dark reader icon is always visible, and it’s menu is accessible via one click on it’s icon.)

There are also other extensions that do much the same. (Search the Chrome Store.)

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Thank you. I didn’t use any extensions back then but liked the old version of this website. Just wondering if the UI really was updated (and if yes, then why) or I messed something up. Using Chrome extensions is not my cup of tea to be honest. I only use the AdBlock.

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Continuing the discussion from Discourse Meta: PAID REQUEST - $50 - Copy another Discourse Theme:

… and …

As Jeff says in Discourse Meta: Coming soon to Meta: “DARKNESS”:

(Which means he is just not interested in doing it, … which means it likely will not happen.)

So, basically sites have to setup two portals with a separate URL that has dark CSS settings.

Which is also a bunch of work, and not needed if a browser extension can simply override the colors on all, certain or single website domain(s).