Darkness theme update

From Discourse developers, winter is coming! …

Thoughts? I will try to share a few blogs who have made these changes to see if this is something worth considering for our community here :slight_smile:

If this means a sort of inverse black and white (where the background is black,)… I would choose it as my default. Easier on my eyes and monitors also.


Whatta think??


I’d like to try that.

No. That’s uncomfortable to look at.

would it be user selectable, I personally, really, dislike black backgrounds…
dark grey with off white text is much easier on my eyes…

I too have never been a fan of the jet black background, though I know others who love it. So the right answer would be if it is user selectable option.

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That is what it looks like (to me.) The BG is not ink black, nor is the text 100% white.

Check it out yoursleves: https://meta.discourse.org/

I like it. I use a similar theme (“Deep Space”) for coding Ruby in Notepad++.

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  • Change to the new Darkness Theme
  • Keep the White, Regular Theme

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This is a poll to gauge interest and opinion – this will not determine if we switch or not.


So they have not yet deployed a user select-able theme extension ?

EDIT (I found sam’s answer at meta.discourse):

What if there was a separate portal for darkness, like “darkforums.sketchup.com” ?
(NOTE: This URL above is just a suggestion. It is not implemented, peeps.)

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… but it definitely makes me think, I could use the supplied theme css for a Chrome/Dragon extension, so I could have darkness and not affect anyone else.

Dark themes started with video editing applications, where editors were most likely in a dark room, and the light interface would overpower the video, making it harder to be sure if the video would look correct in a dark theater. Since then other programs that don’t really have that need have done the same, to be hip I guess.

The majority of models made in SketchUp are not intended to be viewed in a dark theater, and so the darker theme wouldn’t make much sense. But, to show you an example of what we’re talking about, here’s a screenshot of part of Flash Pro, in light and dark, and with the preference setting you can use to choose which one you want.


See below an update:

How do I get a Dark theme for Sketchup ?

I would defo use a black theme for Sketchup as it’s good for your CRT monitor.

(sorry don’t mean to be troll-like - I think it’s a good idea)

The subject of this thread is the appearance of the SketchUp Community forum.

If you want a dark theme for SketchUp itself, make it. You can create a style with a black background and white edges. As for the SketchUp window itself, you can go into the Display settings for the computer and change them to create the black background.

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true but then all the icons etc look funny.

The community forum looks smart. There are plenty of forums which use dark themes, or allow you to make your own profile theme even (I think?) Personlly not that fussed though about the forum.

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Yeah. the toolbar icons do look funny but then they weren’t intended to be displayed on a black background.

black text on white bg is best readable for the human eye, this is why books/newspapers are made this way.

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Dark screens save energy.