Does This Forum Have Dark Mode?

If yes, how to enable it. If no, why not? I find it reduces eye strain.

Thanks … :sunglasses:

No Dark mode that I am aware of. I also would like it!

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This is an example, from another forum, of dark mode and post preview (mouse over post to initiate), two features I find very useful.

The discourse software that runs the forum has a capability to define user-selectable themes such as dark mode. However, an administrator would have to set it up and to date this hasn’t been done.

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Maybe in the minority, but my eyes would be jumping for joy ( :star_struck:) if user-selectable themes were enabled. The feature set for Discourse is interesting.

Is forum administration a shared job responsibility or that of a single individual? If it’s a matter of checking a box to activate, why not implement for a trial period, This would provide an opportunity for users to provide feedback.

This is how a XenForo based forum site exposes the option to users, self-explanatory and easily accessed. (single click on/off) :grinning:

I don’t know (I am not a Trimble/SketchUp employee), but from past incidents on the forum I have the impression that Discourse operates the site for SketchUp and only they have admin powers. They have a track record of “improving” things without prior warning and leaving us to wonder why something we did yesterday no longer works.

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To be honest, I see the sense of dark mode.

But I also see more and more apps/websites cluttering their top-level menus with a dark-mode option which only a fraction of users use (and then only to enable it once for ever).

Should be – in my opinion – a single OS-level setting and a web standard for sites to automatically enable it if indicated by the browser.

I don’t know - I use a mix with the desktop in a sort of dark mode but application backgrounds light. I find longer texts easier to read on a light background.

You all should go and visit your Preferences.


In case anyone is thinking either this was an April Fool’s joke, or that I was suggesting everyone had missed an existing feature…

For a few days I had tried to ask Jody about whether it was possible to add dark mode to the forum. But, we’re both generally busy, and I hadn’t found a time. A couple of days ago we were both in the same meeting, mostly just listening, so I sent him a text to ask him about the idea. He found enough time during that meeting, and more this morning, to actually implement the option. When I made my post earlier on today, the feature had only existed for a few minutes.

But, speaking of April Fool’s, and dark mode, here’s a video you will like:

Using Advanced Templates (April Fools'!) - YouTube (Using Advanced Templates 2019