Darkness theme update

How much energy do they save? The backlights are still on.

LOL disregard that. I was told that black screens save energy years ago.

However: http://www.environmentalleader.com/2007/08/google-says-black-screen-doesnt-save-energy/


In AMOLED screen there will be a little power saving.

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So is it possible to turn on dark theme for forum?

I found that discourse allows it (https://meta.discourse.org/t/allow-users-to-select-dark-light-theme/60857).

Slowly we can expect websites to have automatic light / dark theme switching. See article …

I am currently trying out the built-in beta dark mode flags in Chrome. To see how, …
Scroll down to section “How to Force Dark Mode on All Websites” on this page:

Before this I was using the Dark Reader Chrome extension.
(There were issues with some websites and especially <iframe> elements.)

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With force-dark-mode enabled in:
chrome://flags#enable-force-dark or edge://flags#enable-force-dark

… the header for the forum does not look good because of the SketchUp Team’s insistence on using Gray shades very close to the midrange. (They do not invert well.)


… and the icons …


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I have a hard time seeing the screen in full white and have changed it for my own use same with modeling space. although not dark black a dark grey works best for me.
I have also found dark themes for all my browsers.

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