What fresh madness is this...?

So… persevered with 2024… Now this keeps happening when I try to start VRay or Chaos Cosmos…

What’s going on now?

How is this fixed?

When I look at my account on the Chaos website I get this:

Are you using a Google login to login to SketchUp? In my case this was resolved by switching to a straightforward Trimble login.


i have had the same problem its on the Chaos side. It says no products, but you can login on the chaos site. I cant remember exactly how I fixed it. Once I did email Chaos (appropriate name) and got it fixed. Sorry i cant be more specific. I might have downloaded and installed from the Chaos website. then logged in there.

There are 2 steps that usually solve this for our customers

They are both documented here


Most common one is to remove and reassign your studio license .

If that doesn’t work

2nd step is to delete the SSL folders as described

Other times this has happened is when customers are connecting across a VPN or have an overly aggressive firewall/antivirus.
Bitdefender and AVG have both been caught as culprits

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You won’t see anything here as your purchase is from SketchUp.


Thanks for the help… However. When I use the link, I get this:

Aaaand, I don’t have a folder called SSL…

And then…

It just started working…


Strange days.

:grinning: :+1:


It should be in


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