What does the term "Views" mean in this context?

Just curious about what this represents.

The number of times someone has looked at your profile?

I figured it must be something like that…I wondered how this specific metadata is used.

It’s to find out how popular you are. You have 11 while I only have 1. And we know you are much more popular around here. :smile:

there’s another one for you dave…

Awww… Thank you. :slight_smile:

I’m not so sure about that :wink:. Your models get a whole lot more hits than mine :open_mouth: and the sheer volume of your work dwarfs my meager few in comparison. The 21,000 (plus) visits to your Flickr site is pretty good evidence of just how popular you are. I’ve visited a number of times too.

Och! :blush: That doesn’t mean much around, though.

Now i’m up to 3 views here, though. Woot!

Yeah…I’ll take credit for one of those visits. You may get quite a few more. I linked to your Flickr page in my last reply to you and also here.

Thank you. I’ll watch the counter go up. :smile:

Make it four, and like`in the Armoire. The front on view answered a question if there was any detailing carried around, onto the bottom of the sides. The shadows shows its profile… Peace…

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Thank you, sir.

I had no side view of the original piece so I basically reproduced the front detail at a slightly smaller scale for the sides.

I am getting good at stealing other parts and pieces myself… finding those little pearls that are making it easier to move along. Working on that cool table and have legs and apron / rails going. The details are going to be a ich but happy to be doing it properly and building a plan. Not just a model that dont lean or rock!! Will send you a peeker as it comes along, if you dont mind.

Don’t mind a bit. :smile: