Exactly what qualifies as a view?

…clicking on one of these thumbnails:

asking to “see more details”:

clicking inside the model window:

or clicking “3D Model”:

,pray tell?

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Not sure what you trying to say, you mean every step shows the same view of the model?

I’m not trying to say anything; I’m asking a question: Which of those actions is tabulated as a view when consulting one’s 3DW model activity stats. Downloads and likes are straightforward, but the views stats are ambiguous.


I discovered (rather suspected, then proved it later) that if you visit your own models, each time you do so is counted into the total View count. I was surprised by this, and then disappointed.

But like franquin…I’m not sure which action(s) actually trigger a “count” because info on a person’s index page does not always match what’s in Analytics. To add to the various ways franquin has question, I’d like to add that it even appears there is a View count before a model is made public. I have seen View counts on my models under such conditions.

My interest is more a case of curiosity, however, because Views don’t really mean too much to me… unless the View count affects how a search is populated. Hmmmm… ?

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In fact, it nearly never does any more, unless you’re talking about a rather unpopular, and thus inactive, offering.
There’s a days-to-weeks-long lag between the readings one obtains depending on which of the various means of obtaining the data one uses.
Nowadays, you have to consult the graphs that are available when clicking on the analytics option to get somewhat up-to-date returns, as the numbers appearing in the equivalent of the second screencap in my OP are usually “stale”.
Another thing is that the graphs often don’t show daily readings, certain dates being temporarily occulted.
I realize that probably not many users care about any of this, but then why bother posting the stats in the first place; The data should be either coherent or done away with.
In fact, I feel that the whole portal’s functionality ought to be looked into, as it’s grown into a bit of a mess as time has gone by.

Well, there you have it; No answer, as always, when it comes to this subject matter.

Yeah. I was thinking the same thing just yesterday…