What do I do with Downloaded tutorial tracks?

Hi, sorry if this question is stupid, but I am learning and loving Sketchup using the tutorial tracks they provide, going over the fundamentals. I see an option to download the tracks, but when I click to open, my Mac OS Mojave 10.4 doesn’t know what application to use? it has a .skp filename. I’m using the web version of sketchup. does viewing this tutorial require the paid version? The videos are all vimeo videos, though… I’d like to be able to view them offline, if possible…

SKP files are SketchUp model files. Since you are using the web-based version, you could upload the SKP files to your Trimble Connect account and then open them in SketchUp for Web.Kerep in mind the user interface will be different between what you see in the videos and what you see in SketchUp Free.

I’m not sure what version the SKP files are but you might be able to open them in SketchUp 2017 Make. Of course if you are going to be using SketchUp for commercial use, you might as well go ahead and get SketchUp 2019. You’ll need it.

Hi @mclai96 - The video files themselves are not currently set up for offline viewing (ie downloading). As @DaveR mentioned, the download link provided on the track page is for the exercise files only that allow you to follow along with the lessons.