What are these TGA files from?

Chairs Reduced.skp (13.0 MB)

I’ve been working with a 3DS Max designer who is trying to get his 3DS Max models into a format for SU. When we use programs like SimLab they capture the geometry but lose all the texture/material information. He’s using VRay for 3DS.

This export seemed to do well (attached) but the files are all in TGA format (not the original JPG or PNG that they started in). Is that what SU uses as a default inline image format when it combines all the assets into one SKP file?

In my case, my rendered (Enscape for Sketchup) can’t read them. Is there a way to convert them into equivalents PNGS in a SU file? Can someone suggest what may have happened in the conversion?

The file type isn’t converted, someone used Targa files for the materials. It can be a very high quality format, and supports alpha channels.

This post suggests that TGA support was added to Enscape in version 2.2. Which version are you using?:

If you can’t update Enscape, one thing you can do is go to each material, right-click, export material (as JPEG or PNG, whichever you like), then in the Edit tab for that material you can use the folder looking icon to browse for a material, and then point to the file you just exported.