Can you share a SketchUp project with all Enscape materials included?

Hi everyone.

I’m a SketchUp + Enscape user on a Mac.
Unfortunately the Mac version of Enscape is lacking of the Material Library.

On the official website there’s a “Material Exhibition” project available for download.
The file is compatible with Windows only.

Can anyone share a SketchUp project with all the 392 materials included?

Thanks for your support.

Not possible. They blame Sketchup for this but… Enscape does not have a way to embed all materials, (normal map, reflections etc) textures, setting into the Sketchup file or a way to package it. Yes its still 2008 over at Enscape HQ. Just keep your head down, pay the subscription fee, and take whatever they give you is the motto these days with most programs.

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Thanks for your reply, @ryanfernie.
Can you share the entire offline folder with PBR 4K textures:

  • Texture_BaseColor.png;
  • Texture_Height.png;
  • Texture_Roughness.png.

I know it’s far from ideal, but at least I can reconstruct the textures manually.
I’ve found a Google Drive folder link in a YT video, but it’s old and not complete.

Have you reached out for Enscape support?

Im on pc sorry. head over to the enscape forum and ask the mac people

That isn’t a project file, it’s a standalone viewer that you would send to a client, you cannot access textures for a project via windows either.

The next version of Enscape for Mac has the asset library , it is due very soon. You can download the preview version here:
Enscape for Mac 4.0 Preview 6 - Mac Exclusive Discussions & Feedback and Error | Bug Reports - Enscape (

FYI The assets are products that are available for subscribers only, so trying to share them could get you in trouble.

Hi @Elmtec-Adam
There’s an option to make the materials available offline.
Once stored on your computer you can share the resources, as done here (see video description).
Unfortunately what the video maker shared is old and incomplete.
I’m looking for the complete 392-material library included in Enscape 3.5.

Download the 4.0 preview and you’ll have the option today.
Otherwise wait until tomorrow when it is released :slight_smile:

Thank you @Elmtec-Adam.
Unfortunately Intel processors are not supported by Enscape 4 anymore. :frowning_face: