What are the pros and cons of using a television as a monitor?

I’ve been told that my mouse may lag with the television. (Refresh rates different?)

I’m learning about both at the moment, but the monitors don’t have the same selling points as the televisions so it’s hard to compare.

I’m adding a 32 inch monitor to my laptop setup.
Advice and opinions welcome!

We use a 80" LCD TV in our conference room and I use it all the time with no issues what so ever. I connect via HDMI from a Asus laptop (4th gen i7, 16 gb ram, 256 ssd and gtx 645).

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I use several monitors, sometimes a television as a second monitor, VR, as well as projection, with no perceivable lag most of the time. I consider that it is more an issue with computing power and connections.

I have now bought four Samsung 42" 4k TVs as monitors for my staff… absolutely no issues and many benefits.

A1 screen size, great for reviewing working drawings
Cheap, around $500 USD here in Vietnam (my 27" Dell 2560x1600 monitor cost $1000)
Staff Satisfaction… they have bigger monitors than the boss :slight_smile:
Multiple programs on one screen…
Quick 4k screen captures…
More productivity…
Less errors

Sore neck… they are big… i would not recommend any bigger
Colour a little washed out… compared to my colour calibrated Dell
Stands can take up a lot of desk space… select carefully… I have legs at each end of the TV… not a central stand

As a CAD manager for almost 30 years now… I always sought to give my teams the most screen real estate as possible… its where the rubber hits the road… don’t be cheap here… it is a false economy…

PS, I also only buy gaming notebooks, more versatile and inbuilt battery allows us to sail thru power cuts. and hence the blocks to lift the monitor slightly.


Computing power may be an issue, but I need more screen and if that means more power then so be it.
Thank you!

I’m limited to a 32” screen, going to mount it on a post style mount at the edge of my work surface so I can push it out of the way if I need the desk space. This is great advice. Thanks so much!

80?? Wow. That’s my whole office! Hahaha. Thanks! This is really encouraging!

LOL, glad it helped. I used to use a Samsung SychMaster 2770HD as my primary monitor. I now use a Dell U3818DW. The Samsung had a TV tuner but I never used it, I thought it might be a good option but never did. We are currently redoing our offices and will be getting a newer LCD for the new conference room. Should be up in 2 months.

+1 to this!

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I responded in the other thread. I also use 3 42” Samsung 4K TVs. They work fine with any programs. What the electronics store kid was likely referring to was mouse lag while gaming on a 60hz monitor. That’s the only time you’ll notice lag. With SU and LO, there’s none and the resolution is perfect.


Thank you!

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