What are the limitations of SketchUp Make vis-a-vis SketchUp Pro?


I only want to design and make a 3D model of a personal two storey house and communicate the design to an architect. Formal presentations are not needed. I may not have any use for SketchUp thereafter. No commercial use is intended. So I do not wish to spend on buying SU Pro, but use SU-Make instead.
i) Are there any major limitations/drawbacks of SU-Make in this context?
ii) Can I use 3D warehouse for features and furniture if I install only SU-Make?
iii-a) Can SU-Make generate plan and elevation drawings for a completed solid model?
iii-b) Would these drawings get updated automatically if I make changes to the solid model?


i) no
ii) yes
iii) no, this is a task for Layout (PRO only)


See Cotty’s answer.
But in addition to it:
iii) you could make active section planes with visible cuts, set up in the appropriate scenes.
Say “Front” view + section cut for cross section “left to right” or without the cut for front elevation or “Top” view + section cut for floor plan. These will obviously be updated when working on the model. For they are part of the model themselfs.
This would/could be a great help in communicating your desired design.


Thanks, Cotty. That was precise.


Thank you, Wo3Dan. Good idea!