What are components like the human figure that appears when sketchup is launched called?

Basically I’m interested in finding out more models like the above mentioned human figure primarily for ONE REASON… they rotate along the blue axis. Or maybe orbit along the camera is more appropriate way to describe it.
I understand that I may not be asking the correct question here. Is there any way to “fix” any object to move in the described manner?

Thanks in advance.

One of the options when you create a component is a tick box that says ,‘Always face Camera’.
Tick that and they will always face the camera.

I’m sorry… but I don’t seem to be able to find this option.
Can you guide me for the same?

Wait I got it… ok… quick question, can this be done only for components or is it applicable for groups too?

The human creatures are called ‘Scale figures’ and are there to give you a sense of the size of what you are drawing in perspective of the human scale. They represent team members of SketchUp. It is said that once you are selected to act in a template, you reach an infinite state of mind or ‘walhalla’, mostly due to the number of activations.
Some team members can feel it when you ‘erase’ the figure, which is why they are components. Components reside in the component-tray until purged and there, you can also set the properties of already made components.(right click on a component in the tray)
Allthough the Scale figures are 2D objects, you can make 3D components set to ‘Face me’ components as well.

components only

Thanks for the quick response.
I didn’t get any of this though

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Just be careful when erasing the scale figures…they represent real people…:grinning:

I got that they are actual team members. I read the description which was fairly detailed…
Still don’t get how they can feel it though.

Thanks for the help anyway.

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