How to keep the human figure from appearing when I start sketchup

Is there any way to keep sketchup from showing the human figure when I start a new model? Also if I want to add the human figure back into a completed model can I do this?

Hi , Just delete it and then go to file and select save template as , and fill in details . The person can be brought using the component menu. window>components>drop down arrow>people .



But when you open that new template you are still stuck with all the materials the silly figure was ‘wearing’
SketchUp should have an option to nuke their vanity figure.

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If you delete the figure from the model space and then go to Model Info>Statistics, you can purge unused which will get rid of the component AND the materials. Then save as a new template without any of the baggage the figure carried.

The figure is there to provide some size reference. There is already an option to “nuke” the figure. Or you could choose a template that doesn’t have the figure in the first place.

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Open model info, select statistics, and click purge unused.

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