Removing the Figure from the Template

Every time I open SketchUp I get a fresh template with a human figure already positioned near the origin point. Is there a way to have the template open completely blank?

I tried searching the knowledge base and found no hit.

Easy! Open a template with overall settings you like (or change settings to how you like), delete the human figure, and Save As template, telling SketchUp to make this your default template.

or go to Preferences >> Template and choose a different one without the figure…


After you delete the figure from the model space, you’ll probably want to purge the unused component and unused materials from the file before saving as your new template. Go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click on Purge Unused.

If there are other things you want to change such as dimension units and precision or the style (background color, edges style, back face color, etc. Make those changes and update the style before saving the template.

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Thank you, all!

What great response from this group!!!

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I followed the instructions given by slbaumgartner and DaveR and saved my customized template. After purging components I notice that the component tray listed 6 components (shelving unit, cafe table, fence, frame, Pie, Title Grid). However, under statistics there are 0 components. Since I have no plans to use the listed components is there a way to remove them from the component tray?


These components?

Those are not in your template or your model . If you notice, they are in the Dynamic Components Training library. Look at the bottom of the window.

You can delete them if you want but leaving them has no impact on your template or future models.

If you don’t want to see them in the Components window, change to a different library in the drop down list that shows 3D Warehouse. Or just click on the house icon to the left of the drop down list to go to the In Model library.

Thank you DaveR. Very quick response time.